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    The Easiest Way To Sell Your House Fast In USA

    At Good News Holdings, we believe the house selling process should be faster, easier, and hassle-free for USA home sellers. If you’re serious about selling your house in America, we are ready to make you a fair all-cash offer. Best of all, we buy houses directly from you and we buy as-is. You walk away without having to do any repairs. We’ll even clean out the property for you. It’s that easy and convenient.

    STEP 1

    Get a fair offer within 24 hours

    Avoid the hassles of listing your house with our USA Cash Offer Program. In many cases, we can present you with a fair, all-cash offer in as little as 24 hours. No obligations and no fees.

    STEP 2

    Pick the date you want to close

    Selling your house can be stressful. Gain peace of mind by knowing all of your options for selling your house as-is. We can even do the repairs for you!

    STEP 3

    Sell and close quickly

    Have the flexibility to sell on the date you choose. With our Cash Offer Program, we can close in as little as 7 days for situations that qualify.

    We’ll guide you through every step of how we buy houses.

    What are the benefits of selling your USA house directly to cash home buyers like Good News Holdings?

    Good News Holdings provides another option to sell your house fast. We buy houses with no listing fees. No agent commissions. And a quick, hassle-free closing process. You won’t have to worry about the hassle of repairs or renovations. Getting rid of the headache and hassle of dealing with an unwanted property is our service to you. Sell your house fast without the hassle of a traditional sale. See the side-by-side comparison below:

    Our Cash Offer Program

    Sell your house fast to Good News Holdings

    We’ll make you a fair cash offer so you can sell without the hassles and stress of listing.

    • Competitive cash offer within 24 hours – You choose your closing day.
      Tell us about your house, then we’ll carefully evaluate it with local market expertise and provide you with a fair, no-obligation offer.
    • Zero fees. Zero commissions. No closing costs.
      We charge no fees, no commissions, and we pay ALL closing costs.
    • No Showings – No Hassles
      We buy houses “as-is,” so there are no open houses, no weekend showings, and no need to fix it up first.
    • We cover repairs.
      Does your house needs repairs? We’ll handle them. You’re not on the hook.

    The Traditional Way

    Listing your house with an agent

    The amount of time, money, and stress involved with listing your house adds up.

    • The months it takes to sell add up
      Your home is costing you money the whole time it sits on the market. Some people just can’t wait 90 days to sell their house. Plus you don’t get to choose when you want to close.
    • Fees and commissions stack up. Plus closing costs.
      On average, 6% in commissions/fees are paid by a seller. Plus another 2% in closing costs.
    • Plenty of showings and disruption to your life
      Not only do you have to get your house ready to show, but the number of showings can provide a serious disruption to your life.
    • You could be on the hook for repairs.
      Depending on what pops under during the inspection period, you could be on the hook for repairs that you didn’t know you needed

    About Good News Holdings

    For years the only option for most USA house sellers has been to list their property on the market, try to sell it yourself, or hold on to it hoping the problem will go away. Good News Holdings saw the gap in the local market for all of the property owners who don’t want to (or can’t) sell through the traditional route with an agent.

    We provide win-win solutions to help homeowners get out of their sticky situations, including foreclosure, owning a burdensome property, probate, or anything else. Our focus is on providing you with a solution to your situation so you can continue to do the things you love.

    We are a real estate solutions company based out of USA. We’re a family-owned business with a focus on helping homeowners like you find solutions to any problem. Whether you’re going through a foreclosure, can’t sell your property, or just need to sell your house fast, Good News Holdings can help.

    How We Work With Homeowners

    If you have any questions about our process for helping you sell a house quickly and for a fair cash amount or if you want to learn more about us, don’t hesitate to contact us anytime!

    Call Good News Holdings Today At (225)-435-8918

    Here’s What We Can Do For You…

    • NO fees and NO commissions when we buy your house. We pay ALL closing costs associated with the transaction
    • We’ve been buying houses for years now and we have purchased hundreds of homes. We have the resources, the experience and the ability to create a win-win offer for you!
    • We can get CASH in your hands within a few days of you contacting us. We close fast!
    • We are a local USA company that can buy your house in ANY condition. You’ll pay ZERO commissions or closing costs. You choose when we close!

    But it gets better:

    You can sell fast without an agent with no rush to move. You don’t have to move out right away; you can stay in your home for awhile until you locate another home.

    We are confident that we can help you today – regardless of the situation.

    Get Your Cash Offer And Sell Your USA House Without An Agent Today

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      How The Process Works

      Tell us about your property.

      It’s quick, easy, and free!

      If it meets our buying criteria…

      We will contact you to setup a quick appointment.

      We present you with a fair all-cash offer…

      Or discuss the best method to proceed.

      We close at a local reputable title company.

      Have cash in your hands in as little as 7 days!

      Timeframe: Once we get your information, we’re usually able to make you a fair all-cash offer within 24 hours. From there, we can close as quickly as 7 days… or on your schedule.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Maybe you have a few questions. That’s okay; most people do. Here is a quick collection of some of the questions people ask us, along with our answers. If you still have a question, don’t hesitate to contact us anytime. We would be happy to answer it for you.

      Q: Will you be listing my house on the MLS or actually buying it?
      A: Great question. We’re not agents, and we don’t list houses. We are professional home buyers and we purchase properties quickly and for cash. From there we may repair the house and resell it to another homeowner or keep it as a rental ourselves.

      Q: Do you pay fair prices for properties?
      A: Many of the houses we purchase are below market value. We do this so we can resell it at a profit to another homeowner. We are looking to get a fair discount on a property. In our experience, many sellers aren’t necessarily expecting a large “windfall” on the property. Instead, they appreciate that we can offer cash, we close very quickly (no waiting for financing), and no time, effort, or expense is required on your part to fix up the property or pay agent fees. If that’s what you’re looking for and you see the value in getting your house sold fast, let’s see if we can come to a win-win price for both parties. Our no-obligation pricing commitment means that you don’t have to move forward with the offer we give… but it’s good to know what we’re offering!

      Q: How do you determine the price to offer on my house?
      A: Great question, and we’re an open book. Our process is very straightforward. We look at the location of the property, what repairs are needed, the current condition of the property, and the value of comparable houses sold in the area recently. Taking the many pieces of information into consideration, we come up with a fair price that works for us and works for you, too.

      Q: Are there any fees or commissions to work with you?
      A: This is what makes us stand out from the traditional method of selling your house: there are NO fees or commissions when you sell your house directly to us. We’ll make you an offer and, if it’s a fit, then we’ll buy your house with no hassles and no fees. We’ll often pay for the closing costs, too! We make our money after we pay for repairs on the house and sell it for a profit. We’re taking the risks here on whether we can sell it for a profit or not. Once we buy the house from you, the responsibility is ours and you walk away without the burden of the property and its payments, as well as cash in your hand.

      Q: How are you different from a real estate agent?
      A: Real estate agents list properties and hope that someone will buy them. The agent shows the properties to prospective buyers if there are any (the average time to sell a property in many markets right now is 6-12 months) and then takes a percentage of the sale price if they find a buyer. Oftentimes, the agent’s commission is 3 to 6% of the sale price of your house. If it’s a $100,000 house, you’ll pay between $3,000 to $6,000 in commissions to an agent.

      Agents provide a great service for those that can wait 6 to 12 months to sell and who don’t mind giving up some of that sale price to pay for the commissions. But that’s where we’re different. We’re not agents, we’re home buyers. Our company buys the house directly from you. Since we pay with all cash and purchase the house from you, we can make a decision to buy your house within a couple of days (sometimes even the same day). Again, we make our living by taking the risk to buy the house with our own cash, repair the house, and market it ourselves to find a buyer.

      Q: Is there any obligation when I submit my information?
      A: There is absolutely zero obligation for you. Once you tell us a bit about your property, we’ll take a look at things, maybe set up a call with you to find out a bit more, and make you an all-cash offer that’s fair for you and fair for us. From there, it’s 100% your decision on whether or not you’d like to sell your house to us. We’ll let you decide what’s right for you.